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The Scorpio

The Scorpio

Enjoy a comfortable standard of living in a thriving city district

72 apartments

The quality of life is great in The Scorpio

Residents of the 72 apartments in The Scorpio profit from the many sustainability measures put in place in the building, its excellent accessibility by public transport, bicycle and car, the modern Fleet Facilities mobility concept (which includes electric shared cars), the good local facilities on offer, the proximity of various educational institutions like the Erasmus University and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the good employment opportunities available in the region.

Wormerhoek 10-14
Capelle aan den IJssel


Spacious studios with a surface area ranging from 35 sqm to 47 sqm are available on each floor of the building. Their smart layout guarantees optimal use of space: that’s future-proof living.

Two-room apartment

With a surface area of 68 sqm, the two-room apartments are ideal for anyone for whom comfort is a must. Their open-plan layout ensures that these apartments are flooded with natural daylight too.

The millenial lifestyle

Jogging in the park, grabbing a coffee to go, having lunch in The Scorpio’s city garden, taking a trip to the market halls in an electric shared car and then sitting back with a local specialty beer and a tasty snack on a terrace nearby.

Capelle aan den IJssel

Close to the metropolis of Rotterdam

Capelle aan den IJssel

A park town and economic driving force

Capelle aan den IJssel is known for being a great place to live and work. The town’s population has increased substantially in recent years, thanks in part to its tranquil green spaces, excellent facilities, housebuilding programme and flourishing companies and businesses. Surrounded by nature and home to a variety of successful businesses and companies, Capelle aan den IJssel’s slogan is: ‘A park town and economic driving force’. In 2015, the town was named the ‘Greenest town in the Netherlands’.

There are plenty of footpaths and cycle and bridle paths to explore in the 137-hectare Schollebos and Park Hitland, which is close by. The municipality offers residents a rich cultural programme too, with venues like the Isala Theater, Bibliotheek aan den IJssel, Theater de Schenkelstee and the Van Capellenhuis, and the SMAACK theatre and food festival.

businesses and companies
hectares of woodland
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Happy singles & couples

It’s no wonder Wormerhoek is so popular with millennials: it’s important to first-time buyers and young professionals, single people and young couples to find the right balance between living in a lively city and enjoying the space and quiet that green surroundings have to offer.


All the facilities they might need are within hand’s reach: for example, shopping centre “De Terp”, Lidl, Albert Heijn, Dirk van den Broek, Gamma Bouwmarkt, a range of cafés, bars and restaurants, sports facilities and a number of local town parks. The Erasmus University and Campus, the Kralingen district and the bustling city centre of Rotterdam are all just 20 minutes away.

Because of the many sustainability measures put in place, The Scorpio has been awarded energy label A.

Living a green lifestyle

Young people today are very aware and are opting to live a green lifestyle. The Scorpio is the ideal option for them. It has been awarded energy label A because of the many sustainability measures put in place. Residents enjoy a comfortable living environment and low energy bills as a result. Residents are also served by a number of charging stations for electric cars, which form part of the total sustainable mobility concept offered by Fleet Facilities. This includes the use of electric shared cars.


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